• Deborah

Save the Planet

During these days people talk a lot about what is happening in the Amazon Rainforest... a disaster for our Planet.

But all of us, in our own small way, can "do something", Amazonia is far but the Planet we are destroying is around each of us.

Here at Borgo della Spiga what do we do? We have photovoltaic panels for self-production of electricity; we collect rainwater and drain the showers in underground tanks and re-use it for gardens and plants; we opted for LED lighting; we try to use as much as possible the products of our garden (at "zero meter") and if not possible we choose to stock up from local producers; we limit any kind of waste.

For us luxury is not changing towels every day if not necessary ... nowadays the real luxury is being able to enjoy a healthy and preserved environment (here in the spring we still have fireflies, a sign of clean air!), respecting the Planet that hosts us.

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